Ghoul Token
Ghoul is the utility token of the Ecosystem.
Initial Supply: 100000000 $Ghoul Burned Supply: 42991369 Final Supply: 57008631 Locked Dev Fund: 15000000 (Unlocks April 2022) Circulating Supply: 42008631 $Ghoul initially began as a simple profit sharing token for the proof of concept Poltergeist Exchange which launched in Jan 2021. The Exchange was centralised in nature and was built to support the trading of privacy coins. The vision has since evolved into Ghoul Ecosystem. The first component of this ecosystem is the GhoulDAO Protocol. This move resulted in the sunsetting of Poltergeist Exchange and the introduction of Poltergeist Labs with the Labs team as the guiding custodians of the ecosystem at these foundational stages.
$Ghoul token is now the utility token that will be used within our story as well as across various components within the ecosystem as the they are built and made available.
Last modified 2mo ago
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