Poltergeist Labs - The team that built the GhoulDao stablecoin protocol‌, Ghoul Finance
GhoulDAO - The protocol that enables the borrowing and governing of ghostDAI stablecoins
gDAI – The stablecoin generated by the GhoulDAO protocol
GhoulX- The governance token for GhoulDAO
Collateral - These are any existing digital asset (ie: ETH) stored in vaults.
Outstanding gDAI - Number of stablecoins currently in circulation.
Stablecoin - A cryptocurrency that is pegged to a stable asset like the US Dollar
Vault – Where users deposit their token collateral and borrow gDAI
Risk parameters – Levers used by the protocol to maintain the soft peg to the dollar (i.e. Liquidation ratio, debt value, etc.)
Debt available to borrow – Maximum amount of gDAI that can be borrowed from a vault without breaching the liquidity ratio
Closing fee - The fee paid to the treasury when gDAI debt is fully or partially repaid
Liquidation ratio - This ratio sets the minimum collateral to debt value allowed in vaults (currently 150%). A 150% liquidity ratio means that for every $1-worth of gDAI in a vault, users must have at least $1.5-worth of ETH deposited as collateral.
Liquidation - When the collateral to debt ratio in a vault falls below the liquidation ratio, triggering the sale of the underlying collateral.
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