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What is GhoulDAO Protocol?

GhoulDAO is a way for you to hold on to your crypto while still being able to spend its value. It allows you to borrow stablecoins (tokens pegged to $1) at 0% interest, without selling your crypto.

How is GhoulDAO governed?

GhoulDAO is a community-run, community-governed protocol. Changes are made through proposals and voted on by holders of the governance token, GhoulX.

What is gDAI (ghostDai)?

gDAI is a stablecoin backed by collateral, and can only be minted with this collateral backing it. gDAI is created when users deposit accepted tokens as collateral in vaults and in turn receive a loan against that collateral. Users can also mint gDAI through Swap where gDAI is minted in exchange for accepted stablecoins. gDAI is soft pegged to the USD, meaning that 1 gDAI is around 1 USD.

What are some use cases gDAI?

  • Hold your crypto while still using its value
  • Receive instant 0% interest loans
  • Leverage your crypto positions
You can find more on our benefits page.

What do I need to use GhoulDAO?

Anyone can create a gDAI vaults and deposit collateral to borrow against. All you will need in order to start is some of the accepted collateral types in your wallet, and some ETH to cover any transaction fees.

What is the difference between GhoulDAO and other stablecoin protocols?

ghoulDAO is an overcollateralized stablecoin protocol; it is not an algorithmic stablecoin. We took inspiration from different stablecoin protocols as well as our community to help build the superior protocol we have today, combining the best of both worlds.
We can be compared to MakerDao. Though there are some similarities, some of the key differences include that we do not charge interest on loans, accept a diversity of collateral types (i.e. interest bearing assets), and are built to support other facets of the Ghoul Ecosystem.