Collateral Types
The following tokens are currently accepted as collateral to borrow/mint gDAI:


ETH is Ethereum's native token. It is used as a unit of payment on the network (i.e. to pay network fees).


Ghoul is the utility token of the Ghoul Ecosystem by Poltergeist Labs.


DAI is a stablecoin created by MakerDAO that is soft pegged to the USD.

How will more collateral assets be added?

More collateral assets may be accepted to borrow gDAI through community voting. At the moment, only tokens with a Chainlink oracle may be accepted as collateral. This is to ensure that price tracking for collateral assets is safe and reliable.
GhoulDAO will release GDIPs (improvement proposals) often to vote and approve the next collateral token. Voting power, comes from the amount of GhoulX users hold. The more GhoulX a user has the more voting power they receive.
Last modified 2mo ago